About Us

Fashion Kidz magazine is a platform for aspiring artists or models looking for inspirations on the latest fashion and lifestyle trends.  We work with brands, retailers and designers to refine their merchandising strategies, increase brand awareness and keep their assortments on the top of the latest trends.

We believe in trend-setters, in authenticity over image, in real magic over illusions that childhood should be fun, playful and full of laughter. We believe in chasing dreams and in the end, achieving them.


We are a children’s magazine showcasing the latest children’s trends with luxury fashion and high quality models. Being fashionable and trendy is a personal preference and a symbol of self expression.  It makes us feel something, it creates conversation, it gives us a space to communicate and show how fashion design is so valuable. Instead of just considering children's fashion as a fashion statement, it is also essential in bringing kids the confidence, happiness, enjoyment, beauty, and charm with this experience of modeling for a magazine. Style and fashion is also something kids need, it is important for children to feel safe in their fashion and even have a sense of protection.


With this magazine we display graceful mini models with the latest fashion trends, while expanding the future of kids fashion.  From rugged jeans to funky sneakers to lovely elegant dresses, style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Style is a reflection of your attitude and personality and about expressing your identity, who you are.